Everyone, regardless of how motivated and disciplined they are, needs a little inspiration every now and then. Having music in our lives can have a powerful energy inducing, motivating effect. I’m sure you can all relate to the feeling you get from singing along to your favourite song on the drive to work (lucky your vehicle is sound proof!), or using it to get in the zone before an important event or competition. Music builds us up, picks us up when we’re down and induces powerful emotions when listened to in the right place at the right time. Without music, life would suck. Plain and simple.

Understanding the profound effect music has on our lives, and the need for a little bit of inspiration every now and then, I have put together 12 picture quotes from the lyrics of a number of powerful and well known songs, sure to get you fired up!

Hero – Mariah Carey

Hero by Mariah Carey PDF

When times get tough in your life, sometimes you need to look inside for the strength and motivation to keep pushing on. Sometimes the hero you’re looking for, is you!

Every Storm – Gary Allan

Every Storm - Gary Allan PDF

When you’re working hard, day after day, and you seem like you’re just not making progress, know this: Every bad day will come to an end, every emotion will pass, and everything will get better.

Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin PDF

Sometimes the more we worry about something, the worse it gets. When you care about something it can be difficult to cut yourself some slack, but you need to, Don’t worry so much. Put a smile on your face and be happy!

Young & Crazy – Frankie Ballard

Young & Crazy By Frankie Ballard PDF

You have to live your life, experience new things and make mistakes in order to learn and grow. Get out there, have some fun and mess a few things up. How are you supposed to get old and wise if you aren’t ever young and crazy?

Standing Outside The Fire – Garth Brooks

Standing Outside The Fire = Garth Brooks PDF

A life best lived is one where risks are taken, when you’re prepared to throw yourself head on into challenges and give everything a go. Get amongst the action, try new things and step outside your comfort zone.

Remember The Name – Fort Minor

Remember The Name By Fort Minor PDF

Your trajectory in life can be determined by a number of things, but if you’re prepared to work hard, suffer the pain of sacrifice and focus intently on your goals, success is inevitable.

Lose Yourself – Eminem

Lose Yourself By Eminem PDF

Life is all about making the most of your opportunities. Work your arse off daily to prepare yourself for your shot when it comes, and don’t blame anyone if you’re not ready when it does.

I Believe I Can Fly – R Kelly

I Believe I can Fly By R PDF“Whether a man thinks he can, or thinks he can’t, he’s usually right” Will Smith. Self confidence and an unwavering belief in yourself is one hundred percent necessary for achieving your goals. Believe you can, and you will.

Firework – Katy Perry

Firework - Katy Perry PDF

Become confident and comfortable being yourself. Everyone on this planet is unique and you have something special to offer the world, if you only realized it. Be you and rock it!

Eye Of The Tiger – SurvivorEye of the Tiger by Survivor PDF

To be really successful at anything you have to have an intense competitive drive. If you think of people who have dominated their field, such as Michael Jordan or Steve Jobs, you will find that they were hard working perfectionists, with an unparalleled competitive spirit.

Not Afraid – Eminem

- Not Afraid By Eminem

Sometimes you have to say enough is enough. Man up, take responsibility for what’s going on in your life and make the necessary changes to propel yourself towards the success you have envisioned for yourself.

It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

It’s My Life By Bon Jovi

We only have one life. It is short, good people die young, and many people die old with regret. Don’t be that person! Realize that life is precious and live it to its utmost capacity.

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