On the 13th of November the world was shocked by the horrific news of the brutal terror attacks that occurred in Paris. These attacks showed us that the modern world can be a dangerous and unpredictable place and that life is certainly precious and short.

Although these attacks were highly publicized let us be aware that this kind of brutality is happening all over the world and that bad things happen to good people everyday. The fear that terrorism spreads across the globe can be intimidating and I don’t blame you if you are someone who is struggling to maintain their faith in humanity.

If the world is such a dark place where can we expect to find the light?

My answer is simple. The answer is in YOU!

Every single day you have the opportunity to positively impact the world in some way. Every day you can choose to brighten someones day with a smile, hold a door open for someone or send your loved one flowers. Every day you have the opportunity to help someone who is less fortunate, tell someone you love them or give to someone who has less than you do.

Most of the bad things that are happening out there are far beyond our control, so it’s time we looked inward and focused on what we can control, our actions. It’s time we evolved to realize that although pain and suffering is present, our positivity and enthusiasm has the power the brighten the day.

A wise man once said “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and today this quote holds such merit that we could all do well to write it down and apply it. We have no power over negativity, natural disasters, terrorism or death, therefore it is our responsibly to know that life is short and that the only way to do it justice is to live it well. Tomorrow may never come, so make the best of today and leave your mark on the world.